Your Christmas giving is helping cure families of leprosy

You are bringing healing and helping to restore lives, when you shop from this catalogue this Christmas. Your giving helps families affected by leprosy.

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“Because my son…was lost and has been found. And they celebrated.” — Luke 15:24

In times like these, it is important to celebrate the wins. Our victories, whether small or large, can play a positive part in maintaining mental health every day. We can celebrate The Good News of Jesus Christ. We can celebrate that leprosy is curable! The past 40 years has seen...

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What are Self-Help Groups (SHG)?

You may have noticed that The Leprosy Mission Australia supports many projects with Self-Help Groups (SHG)s.  A SHG is a term loosely used to describe a group of people in the community who come together to address a common problem. The term SHG is used to describe different type...

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Celebrating and Supporting Christian Women in Leadership

Life member, Jenny Davis, was the first female Board Chair of The Leprosy Mission Australia (TLMA) just over 20 years ago. She combined microbiological skills with her desire to serve Christ in an organisation that stands with the marginalised people in our world. This month, we ...

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Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and making me feel part of the family.

By Preeti Maharjan
Research Officer & Volunteer

In Nepal, I used to be involved in providing comprehensive care for people affected by leprosy. So, I knew about The Leprosy Mission Australia (TLMA) and its continuous support to The Leprosy Mission in Nepal (TLMN). I knew I wa...

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Thank you for not giving up. Your faithful prayers and support are crucial in PNG this Easter!

Thank you for giving hope during this COVID-19 pandemic! People affected by leprosy are even more vulnerable now than ever before. Many live in close living quarters crowded housing, in makeshift shelters within poor and dangerous settlements. Thank you for giving hope to people ...

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