Hussaini’s healing hands are helping his community – thanks to people like you!

Written by Andrew Newmarch,
International Programs Manager, The Leprosy Mission Australia

Hussaini is 68 years old and is still working at a medical clinic in Nigeria. Its no ordinary clinic and he is no ordinary man – he has had leprosy all his life. The fact that he can sti...

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Rabi’s friends let her down, but you’ve given her hope!

Rabi works in the home and had a successful business plaiting hair.

One day a customer saw the patch on her arm and feared it might be leprosy.

Rabi went straight to the hospital where they confirmed the diagnoses.

Rabi had leprosy.

Before she was diagnosed, Rabi had so many cust...

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Thank you for remembering Nigerians affected by leprosy living in lockdown. God bless you!

You are wonderful. Really. You are.

The Leprosy Mission distributed Australian Aid palliatives packages to people affected by leprosy and disability across Zamfara state. All made possible with your help. Thank you!

Your prayers and support for people affected by leprosy is inspi...

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Thank you for enabling Nigerian people affected by tropical diseases!

By ANDREW HARDING, Programs Assessor The Leprosy Mission

In Africa, 600 million people are affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), including leprosy.

These diseases affect the poorest, most vulnerable people who live in hard to reach locations. These diseases disfigure an...

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“As small as a mustard seed…”

By Zoe Bunter, former Head of Mission Development, The Leprosy Mission England and Wales

“I have never before met a person so close to death”. This was my thought as I stepped outside the leprosy hospital in Chanchaga, Nigeria. Kelechi was extremely sick and I had just met him in...

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Your giving allows an entire community to thrive

Contributions from people like you are vital for increasing the health and well-being of many people impacted by leprosy.

You can make a world of difference to someone in this situation by gifting them with access to clean water or education for maintaining good hygiene. Simply b...

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