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Our Policies

The policies and procedures by which The Leprosy Mission Australia is guided in its activities, both in Australia and in our projects overseas, are more than just a requirement of our participation in Australia's International Aid program.

They demonstrate our commitment to transparency and integrity in everything we do, and we are proud to share them with you. You can find our policies and further information on key matters here:

Privacy Policy and our visit our Privacy Statement for how we manage your information online.

Feedback and Complaints

Safeguarding Policies including Child Protection


Conflict of Interest Policy

Counter-Terrorism Policy

Development, Welfare, Evangelism and Partisan Politics Policy

Disability Policy 

Environmental Protection and Sustainability Policy

Human Rights Policy 

Public Engagement Policy

Staff Code of Conduct 

The Leprosy Mission Australia Constitution

The Leprosy Mission Australia is committed to ACFID Fundraising Charter.

The Leprosy Mission Australia complies with the Voluntary Code Of Practice for Public Fundraising in Western Australia.

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

Sponsorship Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Sponsorship Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

If you would like to set up a Sponsorship via Direct Debit, please email us at