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Who we support

Your caring heart and prayer is a blessing now more than ever.

Leprosy can affect anyone. But the biggest impact is on people living in poverty or marginalised from society. These are the people we support.

Globally, women are most affected by the barriers that stop people accessing healthcare and achieving a good standard of living. So, we design and implement programmes that promote equity and challenge gender-based disadvantage.

Discrimination based on things like age, race, religion, disability, sexuality and class intersects to marginalise people further. Our work is always informed by the local context – never one-size-fits-all.

We support social enterprise and sell fair trade and ethical products handmade by people affected by leprosy or disability through The Leprosy Mission Shop. By purchasing these products supports local producers in the areas we work around the world. And proceeds from sales help fund projects that cure, care for and restore people back into their communities.

The poorest and most marginalised people are worst affected by the effects of climate change. Protecting the environment and increasing people’s resilience to natural disasters is vital to help people affected by leprosy. Many of these people live in rural areas, and so we support sustainable farming, tree planting and renewable energy projects to transform lives for good.