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What We Do


Education is a vital part of The Leprosy Mission’s work – it’s an essential tool in our mission to reach a world with zero transmission, and zero discrimination against people living with or affected by leprosy.

We have projects across the world that deliver education – both for those directly or indirectly affected by leprosy and for those who are from marginalised backgrounds. People affected by leprosy are often among the poorest and most marginalised and can be deeply affected by other poverty-related challenges in their communities.

Our programmes include:

Vocational Education Programmes – both residential training centres, and working through to build skills through community-based projects

Formal Education – both by providing scholarships to enable children affected by leprosy, disability and those from marginalised  families to attend school, whilst also working through our livelihood programmes to support those families to increase their own ability to pay by strengthening their family income.

Literacy classes – helping build the vital skills of reading and writing, especially in countries with high levels of illiteracy among women and people with disabilities.

With projects that support the education and vocational training of young people, we have the power to change the narrative of a whole generation; the impact can be enormous.

Support An Education Project

Our Education Projects

Nepal Education Program (SER2)
Nepal Education Program (SER2)

By making a donation to the Education Program in Nepal, you’ll be making a real difference — giving children affected by leprosy and disability the knowledge and skills they need for a better future.

TLC -Tetiary Appeal
Nepal TLC
TLC -Tetiary Appeal

Your regular gift today will support a young person like Asmita in Nepal who comes from a family where there is leprosy or disability. These families are among the poorest in the community, and offer suffer discrimination, stigmatisation and rejection. The Leprosy Mission aims to support 12 students to university success. 50% of these young people will be girls. In Nepal, young women may miss out on opportunities simply because they are not men. With your help we hope to change this.