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Maya has been busting to thank you for your compassionate gift. Thank you!

A bus accident years ago resulted in the amputation of both of Maya’s legs. Where she lives in Nepal, her disability allowance is not enough for herself and her 70- year-old husband to survive on. He occasionally gets a day’s work as laborer; however, the work is physically taxi...

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Your prayers give hope for a better tomorrow.

You can promote education and financial independence and stop leprosy discrimination today! 

Parma has volunteered with The Leprosy Mission Trust India for more than a decade. Today she helps monitor 10 Self-Help Groups across 3 villages. These groups have become an impo...

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Sometimes, it takes a global village to raise an independent woman.

A tiny grocery shop in a remote village in Nepal is not the first place you might think of to see a thriving young woman.

Rupa, who is only 18, has faced many tough challenges in her life. As a young child, Rupa was diagnosed with Lymphatic Filariasis (LF), a Neglected Tr...

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The vital importance of early detection of leprosy.

Your kind-hearted prayers and support help stop life-long disability and discrimination. 

Joaninha, from Timor-Leste contracted leprosy as a teenager more than 25 years ago. Itchy skin, nodules and weakness were the early signs of leprosy. She did not feel any pain when s...

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What is your gift to God this Christmas?

Three gifts. Gold. Frankincense. Myrrh.

The Magi were wise men, priests from the Persian Empire. What were they doing, travelling for weeks to see a baby? Not just to see but to bow down and honour him as king! Each gift to honour God and worship this baby, this new king....

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Bijay feels God has forgotten him; he needs your compassion more than ever.

When Bijay’s parents died, leaving him in charge of four brothers and two sisters, he was just 13 years old. To find work and survive he and his siblings moved from their village to a larger town in the western part of Nepal.

When Bijay was 16, he began to find patches on his ski...

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