Education is the key for better treatment.

by Francisco da Costa

The Leprosy Mission Timor Leste

Edited by Eva Lee



Timor Leste reached leprosy elimination (less than one case per 10,000 population) in 2011. However, over the past few years new cases have been increasing. The Leprosy Mission Timor Leste continues in pa...

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Thank you, Mira! You are such an inspiration to The Leprosy Mission South Australia team!

by The Leprosy Mission Support Team South Australia

Throughout 2020 and 2021 Casmira Rosario, known as Mira, studied for her Master’s degree at Flinders University in Adelaide. Mira blessed us all during that time. She expressed her gratitude for all that The Leprosy Mission supp...

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Virgilio says, “Don’t be afraid because leprosy can be treated!”

Virgilio was 12 years old when diagnosed with leprosy. Staff from The Leprosy Mission Timor- Leste did field testing and home screening and were able to recommend that Virgilio get treatment for his leprosy. Before this he had been scared and traumatised when his friends began to...

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That time of the month

For several days each month, women may experience mood swings, cramps, general grumpiness and the need to spend a bit of additional time in the bathroom changing pads/tampons or washing to maintain good hygiene.  For many, menstruation may be seen as a slight inconvenience that w...

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Sundar gives back to his community after receiving support from people like you.

Sundar, 29, lives in the southern district of Rupandehi in Nepal, with five members of his family including two sisters with disabilities.

He is from the untouchable caste. They are the lowest social group based on the caste hierarchy in Nepal. Sadly, this limits his rights and ...

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The harsh reality of climate change affecting people with leprosy and their communities.

The stories that follow are part of The Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship projects. While not specifically supported by The Leprosy Mission Australia, these stories offer a clear representation of the reality for many people around the world. Those affected by leprosy and disabil...

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