Understanding Neglected Tropical Diseases

URGENT: Please pray ENLIST makes break-throughs in the treatment of leprosy reaction!

By Dr Deanna Hagge
Senior Research Advisor
The Leprosy Mission

ENLIST is a group of specialists including doctors from The Leprosy Mission hospitals in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, as well as experts from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, the Philippines, another Indian partn...

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Buruli breakthrough - thank you, Lord!

Wonderful news!

Until now there’s been no known cure for Buruli ulcer.

Historically, treatments include a combination of surgery and antibiotics. However, surgery can lead to permanent disfigurement while antibiotics may lead to side effects like hearing loss.

But now Swiss resea...

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What you need to know about Bairnsdale Ulcer (Buruli Ulcer) in Australia

Bairnsdale Ulcer, aka Buruli Ulcer, is on the rise in Australia. Here are some things you will need to look out for:

6 Key Facts – Bairnsdale Ulcer (Buruli Ulcer) in Australia:

  1. 275 cases were diagnosed in Australia in 2017 – this is a 300% increase in case diagnosis compared...

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Are Australians at risk of Buruli ulcer?

Like other neglected tropical diseases, Buruli ulcer disproportionately affects vulnerable people. It's also generally found in the tropical regions of developing countries. Australia is an exception. But just how likely is one to contract it?

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