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Your building of the new Self-Care Unit at Anandaban Hospital will help patients like Amar receive the best possible care.

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Look what you're building!

Your kindness through The Leprosy Mission is pouring the foundations for a new Self-Care Unit for peopole with leprosy in Nepal.

I'll introduce you to one of the people you help in a moment...

...but first, can you get your hands dirty and help lay some bricks to get the unit completed?

Your great compassion shows how much you care about people with leprosy. That's why I'm hoping you may be able to give your hands-on help. 

You can see what you're helping to build here in these plans for the 10 Bed Unit at Anandaban

Already the site has been cleared, rubbish removed, and trenches, pits and foundations excavated.

Next step is laying flat local chimney bricks with a 1:4 sand mortar mix.

The good news is you don't have to jump on a plane to Nepal, and get knee deep in a trench, to be a Hospital Hero.

All you need to do is give a donation!

Your action now, working alongside other caring Australians, will help complete the new Self-Care Unit that will serve people like Amar for decades to come...

Amar was left a widower when his wife was killed in an accident.

Amar has a son and daughter, but when leprosy ruined his foot and arm, it left him unable to work — or to support his children.

Heartbroken, Amar placed his children in an orphanage to give them a better chance in life.

Tragically, Amar's condition left him so broken that for two years he had to live in a hut under a bridge and survive by begging.

That's when The Leprosy Mission team you support in Nepal found him.

Amar's leprosy was diagnosed, and he was provided with healing Multi-Drug Therapy. A local team member visited him regularly, and arranged for Amar to have surgery to rectify the drop foot and clawed hand that leprosy had caused.

Your building of the new Self Care Unit will help patients like Amar receive the best possible care.

The good news is Amar can now walk properly, without falling down.

Amar will continue to be supported through The Leprosy Mission. He is hopeful that once his leprosy is cured, he can go back to work and be with his children. He even dreams of starting a poultry farm!

This is a bold new step for The Leprosy Mission Australia...

...for the first time ever, working together to build a precious hospital facility from the ground up.

It can't happen without the love and generosity of people like you, so that's why I ask you today to be a Hospital Hero. Thank you for considering the bricks you will lay!