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World Leprosy Sunday 2023 - TLMA Zoom sessions 

Sunday 29th January is World Leprosy Day. We are hosted THREE special Zoom events.

3pm AEDT an interview with Pius Ogbu Sunday recorded in Nigeria.

5pm AEDT Pius Ogbu Sunday LIVE from in Nigeria.

4pm AEDT Andrew Sithling from NLF(Nepal Leprosy Fellowship) LIVE from Nepal.

World Leprosy Day 2023 - Podcasts

To celebrate World Leprosy Day on 29th Jan your International Programs Officer Eva Lee was invited to join the "Awareness!" postcast to speak about leprosy. Easy listening and easy to understand Eva puts the current leprosy situation in context. Thank you Eva!" Why not sit back and take a listen?


In the lead up to World Leprosy Day your International Programs Manager Andrew Newmarch was interviewed by Vision Christian Radio's "20Twenty" with Neil Johnson last week to speak about the Challenges of Eradicating Leprosy. Andrew tells you the current state of leprosy in the world - it still exists, there's no vaccine - but what you can do to help. Thank you Andrew!" A valuable listen in order to stay up to date, informed and empowered to make a difference. Be the difference you want to see in the world! 

OUT NOW Annul Report 2022

Download Annual Report

The Leprosy Mission Australia in Timor Leste

The video below shows the inauguration of the borehole for a vulnerable community of people with leprosy and disability in Dili - Timor Leste to improve their access to clean water. 

View on YouTube

Make Zero Leprosy Your Legacy TVC

Community Service Announcement for Television: 30 seconds.

[IMD/Peach Video. KEY Number: LMASHVO3022 CAD approval G9UJHPSE until: 31/3/2024]


View on YouTube

Interview with Brent Morgan

Brent Morgan is the International Director of The Leprosy Mission. He talks about what causes leprosy, the importance of protective shoes for people affected by leprosy and how you can help make a difference.

Download the interview (3:37)
Download the interview – extended version (6:17)

List of interview questions

Giving Shoes Day Interview with Nicolle Macaitis

Nicolle Macaitis is an Australian physiotherapist and Leprosy Mission supporter based in South Australia.

Download grab – Part 1 (00:30)
Download grab – Part 2 (00:25)

Download transcript

Giving Shoes Day Interview with Judy Satish

Judy Satish is an Australian podiatrist and Leprosy Mission supporter based in Queensland.

Download grab – Part 1 (00:24)
Download grab – Part 2 (00:08)

Download transcript

Community Service Announcement – Protective Shoes 2020

In the world’s poorest countries, one person is diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes!

But for many the damage is already done and they need protective shoes to prevent further, permanent disability.

Things like working in the fields or collecting water from a well barefoot are dangerous.

Protective shoes can be the difference between self-sufficiency and deeper poverty.

You can help Save 10,000 Soles and give someone affected by leprosy protective shoes this Christmas. Go to

Download the CSA here.

Relief Packages Urgently Needed – August 2017

Flash floods and landslides have swept across southern Nepal. Claiming more than 100 lives. Others are still missing.  60,000 families are displaced because their homes are under water.

  • Provide relief packs directly to communities affected
  • Support The Leprosy Mission’s work in Nepal

Download Press Release here

Riding The Top End for Leprosy – August 2017

Mike Patmore, 78, is currently making an ambitious solo bike ride from Alice Springs to Darwin – 1,500 km across Australia’s Northern territory to raise funds.

  • Get behind Mike as he transforms the lives of people affected by leprosy and disability
  • Support The Leprosy Mission’s work in Myanmar

Download Press Release here

Annapurna Trek to Defeat Leprosy - Nov 2017

Trek Annapurna and have a life-transforming experience for you and people affected by leprosy.

  • Challenge to walk the Annapurna Trek in Nepal
  • Help transform the lives of people affected by leprosy

Download Press Release here

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