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Parter In Prayer

You Can Help

In the words of Wellesley Bailey, one of the founders of The Leprosy Mission, 

“The Mission was born and cradled in prayer, it has been brought up in prayer, it has been nourished in prayer, and prayer has been at the bottom of its success since the first moments of its life.”

The work you support wouldn’t be possible without the love, hope and healing presence of God. Your prayer can invite the presence of God into this work. As Christians, we’re gospel-focused and Christ-centred. We know we’re dependent on God to supply the many needs of people affected by leprosy. Prayer is a way you can recognise this.

Join our community of Partners in Prayer around Australia.

If you would like to commit to praying regularly for people affected by leprosy and The Leprosy Mission, there are a number of resources that are available to assist you as you pray.

Your Daily Prayers and Regional Round-up

Daily prayers are released each month with Regional Round-Up (your news from other supporters around Australia). They include specific ways that you can pray for people affected by leprosy, The Leprosy Mission staff members and other supporters. You can have these sent directly to your inbox each month by signing up to the KIT email, or by downloading them below.

Download the Latest "Keeping in Touch"

Download your Daily Prayers for February 2023

Download your Daily Prayers for January 2022

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To listen to The Leprosy Mission Global Day of Prayer 2022 prayers from around the world.

The Leprosy Mission Global Day of Prayer 2022

Watch TLM's Global Day of Prayer 2022

Leprosy Mission Address - Andrew Newmarch


ASK 2023 Prayer Diary

The ASK Prayer Diary contains prayers for every week of the year, as well as devotions, country profiles and stories. Weekly prayers invite you to pray for specific needs of the countries that you support, and the needs of countries that are partners in the Global Fellowship.


The Leprosy Mission Prayer