In 2022, no child should have leprosy.

Whenever I sing this beautiful hymn at church, I close my eyes and I’m transported back to 2011. I’m holding my much longed-for baby girl in my arms, singing these words like a lullaby to her.

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Your prayers help bring hope, inclusion, and a brighter future! Thank you!

Sudha looks forward to each day, teaching an adult literacy class, spending time with local women, discussing their issues, and facilitating collective solutions.

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Nepal’s Zero Leprosy Action Plan

Over the years, Nepal has made significant progress in reducing leprosy in their country.

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Please keep praying for a vaccine for leprosy.

Over the years scientists have been researching the development of a leprosy vaccine. To date, there are unfortunately no vaccines proven to be highly effective against leprosy. We need to continue to pray for a breakthrough and wisdom for the researchers.

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Married at 10, abandoned at 11. Saved by surgery and now in her 70s! Thank you for your prayers and compassion throughout the years.

Your kindness is truly inspiring. Thanks to you and others like you, Dev Kumari has finally found a place of refuge and comfort at New SADLE in Kathmandu. But it has been a long and harrowing road for her, married then diagnosed with leprosy — all before her teenage years! Dev Ku...

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Thank you for praying for people like Bharthi while they tackle the worst leprosy has to offer.

By Tim Burton-Jones
Senior Officer, Communication
The Leprosy Mission International

You are providing her with God’s love as she battles the worsening symptoms of leprosy reaction.

Your prayers provide her with the comfort she needs. Thank you for your compassionate heart...

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