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“I want to be a professional social worker so that I can indulge

myself in serving charity to needy people. 

My aim or dream is true. I have defined myself to be brave

no matter the circumstances.”

Will you support a child with leprosy

or from a family with leprosy or disability

go to University?

Your regular gift today will support a young person like Anjali in Nepal who comes from a family where there is leprosy or disability.

These families are among the poorest in the community, and offer suffer discrimination, stigmatisation and rejection.

The Leprosy Mission aims to support 12 students to university success. 50% of these young people will be girls. 

In Nepal, young women may miss out on opportunities simply because they are not men. With your help we hope to change this.

What does this life-changing support cost?

The cost per student per year is $8,000. A generous Australian, through a Testamentary Trust, has provided a grant to The Leprosy Mission to cover half this cost. Our challenge is to raise the money needed for the other half.

What help will I give the student I support?

How will I know if my support is effective?

When you commit a regular gift to support a student from a family hurt by leprosy or disability, you receive:


• Profile of the student you support

• Details of the University course they want to study

• Their thoughts, hopes and dreams

Six monthly updates

You then receive a six-monthly report on their academic progress, the benefit of the support you give, and updates on other students being supported by people like you.

Success Report

Finally, when the course is completed, you receive a summary of the student’s entire academic journey, so you can see the success of your support!

 Why should I give a regular gift?

 There are 3 good reasons why a regular gift is a wise way of helping:

As you can see from the list of help you provide, much of what you do is support everyday living costs – accommodation, living allowance, travel etc. Students must budget weekly or monthly, just as we do in our own homes here in Australia.

Giving a regular gift helps The Leprosy Mission cut costs because we can plan ahead with confidence, and therefore increase efficiency.

 When times are challenging, as they are now in Australia, a regular gift allows you to spread out your donation, making it easier to afford. It is simply good budgeting.