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Your Mobile Clinics are Reaching People in Desperate Need

Your support for people affected by leprosy is inspiring. I give thanks to God for your kind heart and generosity. Thank you for taking action to support Leprosy Mission hospitals in India through providing mobile therapy units. You have joined our dear friends Joe and Maria Bast in responding to the needs of the hospitals in caring for vulnerable patients affected by leprosy. And now across India patients have the added risk of exposure to COVID-19. The impact of your gifts will mean that someone with leprosy in India will still receive their treatment and follow-up physiotherapy to regain function of their hand or foot.

    We know that early detection and treatment is very important to prevent leprosy complications, amputation and disability. Thanks to you, Leprosy Mission hospitals can provide quick diagnosis and leprosy care to those who need it most like Bhimrao. Bhimrao has been receiving support from The Leprosy Mission in India for many years. Bhimrao is affected by leprosy. Sadly, he developed complications and had to have his leg amputated. Today, Bhimrao is very grateful to The Leprosy Mission hospital that helped him so much when he was in need. He remembers the support he received all these years and he wants to give back. He recently donated a few grocery items for the patients at Kothara Hospital.   Like you, Bhimrao is an example of goodness and generosity during the lockdown. He is doing what he can to help save the hospital that saved him. Thank you for helping Leprosy Mission hospitals and people affected by leprosy buy providing mobile therapy units. You are amazing!