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Thank you for Saving Soles in Indian Leprosy Hospitals during the Coronavirus pandemic!

Thank you for your prayers and support for people affected by leprosy during this difficult time.

Without your prayer support, people affected by leprosy may not experience God’s love through the care they receive. Your amazing Christian heart is essential to God’s healing ministry for people affected by leprosy.

Particularly when India, already shouldering 60% of the world’s leprosy burden, is buckling under the weight of COVID-19. Thank you to those also contributing financially to people affected by leprosy and our ‘hospital heroes’ in India.

Your generous support means so much! Your support for people affected by leprosy continues to amaze us all. You are giving them hope!

Giving hope to people affected by leprosy like Bhuneshwar…

Bhuneshwar is now 18 years old. He spent three years getting treatment for his ulcers in private clinics. Finally, he received treatment and diagnosed at a Leprosy Mission Hospital in India. Bhuneshwar is the only child of his parents. He passed 10th standard in his education but left his studies 2 years ago due to leprosy. Leprosy took him away from his studies and restricted his outdoor activities. Resulting nerve damage means he cannot feel his feet. And he has plantar ulcers on the soles. |

He is taking Multi-Drug Therapy, as he has multibacillary (MB) leprosy. And then earlier this year had surgery to remove foreign matter and dead tissue from the wound.

Praise God! Now, Bhuneshwar’s ulcer is healed! And thanks to people like you, he can get back to his normal life. He plans to join his studies again in the upcoming years. He wants to become a doctor and save people from the same problems he has faced.

Please pray for Bhuneshwar’s continuing restoration and for others like him in Leprosy Mission Hospitals in India – that they can receive the leprosy care they need during this pandemic.

Your generous heart and prayers make all of this possible. Thank you and God bless you!

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