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Please keep praying: “I feel like I had died already.”

Many patients take Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT) and are cured from leprosy within a year.

But some like Martinha in Timor Leste suffer a terrible reaction.

“I was kept in hospital for 3 months. It was very serious… I couldn’t move. I could only open my eyes to eat. The doctor was so concerned, he sent me to the intensive care unit for 9 days… I had no awareness of what was happening… My mother cried because she thought I would die.”

With specialist care, Martinha recovered and finished her course of MDT.

She still suffers from reaction, which can occur up to seven years after treatment.

Although she is cured from leprosy, Martinha needs ongoing care – Total Leprosy Care.

Thank you for supporting people affected by leprosy in Timor Leste like Martinha.

Please pray for Martinha and others who are suffering the long-term effects of leprosy.

“neither death nor life, neither angels
nor demons, neither the present nor
the future, nor any powers, neither
height nor depth, nor anything else in
all creation, will be able to separate
us from the love of God that is in Christ
Jesus our Lord.”
— Romans 8:38-39

To provide ongoing Total Leprosy Care (TLC) to others like Martinha for $30 a month OR to organise a Timor Leste sponsorship for $45 a month, please call Georgie on 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or go to: