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Your Prayers EmPOWHER Young Women like Renu to Reach Their Full Potential!

Renu is 18 years old and lives with her parents and two young sisters. Her father drives a cycle rickshaw for income. 

Renu has been unable to go to school because of their financial situation. But thanks to compassionate shoppers of The Leprosy Mission Shop, she has trained in embroidery and sewing at the Advanced Skill Vocational Training Centre in POWHER. 

POWHER Trust is a non-profit organisation created by a united team of social workers who dreamed to uplift and empower women and people with disability living in the slums of North Delhi. Their vision is: 

“To empower the girls and women living in the urban slum communities and enabling them in leading a life with dignity, equality and development to their maximum potential.” 

Now that’s ‘’GIRL POWHER’’! 

Renu is now teaching at the Advanced Skill Vocational Training Centre and sews garments for herself and her sisters. Her embroideries are made into bags and other gifts to sell through supplier organisations like MESH (Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped). MESH is an Indian Fair-Trade organisation who work with artisans all over India to stock retail stores across the world – like The Leprosy Mission Shop, here in Australia.

The money Renu currently earns from her activities is helping her family to meet their needs and contributes to her sisters’ studies. Both of her sisters are now studying in 11th grade. Praise God! 

Pray for girls and young women like Renu to be educated and trained so that they may find a way out of poverty through sustainable employment. 

Pray for the organisations that help to empower women with leprosy and disabilities to reach their potential. 

Pray for The Leprosy Mission Australia Shop to continue showcasing new artisans and producers, enabling them to lead lives of dignity and equality.

The Leprosy Mission seeks to bring about transformation; breaking the chains of leprosy, empowering people to attain healing, dignity, and life in all its fullness.

We are targeting a Triple Zero Leprosy strategy — Zero Leprosy Transmission, Zero Leprosy Disability, and Zero Leprosy Discrimination. We are working hard with our international project partners, and international government organisations, to make leprosy transmission a thing of the past by 2035.

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