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Call for National Council Members

15 Apr 2020 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Brother let me be your servant…let me be as Christ to you. Pray that I might have the grace to let you be my servant too…

Are you passionate about transforming lives? Feel called to serve those affected by leprosy across the world? Or perhaps you know of someone looking to get involved in making leprosy a disease of the past!

The Leprosy Mission in Australia has been operating for over 100 years and as a registered charity we have a very committed and enthusiastic team of supporters, which includes an important group who are Members of The Leprosy Mission Australia National Council.

This group continues to be a vital and integral part of the ongoing work of the organisation and is a valuable source of knowledge, wisdom and relationships that reflect our long and successful history.

The key roles of this group are to:

1. Own and work towards the vision of The Leprosy Mission Australia
2. Own and support the mission of The Leprosy Mission Australia
3. Share the history and learnings of The Leprosy Mission Australia
4. Elect the board members, hold them to account and encourage them in their work
5. Ultimately, when in God’s providence the work and mission is completed, decide the future of the organisation

The National Council comprises a maximum of 40 members, made up of no more than 22 General Representatives and 18 State Representatives from six States.

We currently have vacancies for both General and State Representatives and are seeking nominations and expressions of interest from people who are eager to contribute to the work of the mission in this way. Having an active, involved and supportive National Council is a critical ‘cornerstone’ for our organisation as it seeks to expand its work to achieve a world without leprosy.

Our existing National Council Members make a large contribution to the momentum behind the mission and play an integral part in activating a valuable group of volunteers, donors and churches through local events and prayer support.

To find out how to get involved go to: for more information.

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