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Your support has transformed Munia’s life!

13 Jun 2019 | Author: Tim Lam

Munia has experienced unimaginable hardship and trauma in her young life.

She was diagnosed with leprosy as a child and her family thought she was cursed. Only her mother loved and protected her.

But when her mother died, her relatives tried to kill her by burning her alive.

When she put out the flames, the villagers used knives and sticks to drive her out of their community… leaving her homeless.

Today, Munia is a very different person to the frightened, abused girl who first came to The Leprosy Mission Hospital, thanks to the kind support of people like you.

Through the Christ-centred care she received, she has been cured of leprosy and is now ulcer-free.

The medical care and love of the staff at the Leprosy Mission Hospital not only healed Munia’s body… it also healed her heart.

Now, Munia always has a smile on her face. She’s a big encouragement to other patients, who often feel very depressed when they first arrive at the hospital.

That’s when Munia goes to comfort them. She reassures them that at least they have a family and a home to go to once they complete their treatment at the hospital. Munia has no home to return to, and she risks death if she meets her relatives again.

But The Leprosy Mission has become a safe haven for Munia and many others who have nowhere else to go. The nurses and doctors at the hospital are like a family to Munia.

Following surgery at the hospital on her hands and feet, Munia taught herself sewing and embroidery using the remaining stumps of her fingers.

Now she makes stunning quilts and mats and generates an income by selling them.

Munia is also mobile and independent again! The Leprosy Mission hospital gave Munia a wheelchair that she can use to move around and prevent ulcers and blisters forming on her feet.

Amazingly Munia can now stand up and walk, thanks to custom-made shoes built for her at the hospital. She even took her first steps during a concert in the hospital chapel!

From stigma and abuse… to joy and independence. This is what your gift does for people like Munia.

You can transform more lives like Munia by giving to the Match Appeal. And for a limited time, your gift will be DOUBLED if you give by June 30 (while matched funds last)

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