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Mamta now sees a brighter future – thanks to people like you!

17 Jun 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Imagine sitting at home without a job despite being a graduate, shunned by neighbours and friends, and with no confidence to carry on with life — all because you have a physical disability…

26-year-old Mamta was in a similar predicament. She had an accident when she was eight years old that left her leg burnt — so burnt, she couldn’t walk. Despite her disability, she completed her studies and graduated. But jobs were hard to come by, and she had no confidence to apply. She feared rejection.

Confined to her home in India, she felt isolated and alone. She suffered many sleepless nights. Her self-esteem was disappearing with every passing day.

But then, Mamta’s life changed for the better — a Leprosy Mission project team found her after coming to know about her plight through one of their volunteers.

The team counselled her and encouraged her to join the project’s skill development program for persons with disabilities. Mamta readily agreed. And a spark of hope began to grow inside her. She began to have a new vision for her life and future. Encouraged and inspired, she enrolled in a spectacle making course.

Mamta successfully completed the course.

She is now working at The Leprosy Mission Kothara Hospital that you support — in the optometry department.

To help her further overcome her disability, the project team advised Mamta to undergo surgery on her lower limb. Initially the thought of surgery scared her, but her ambition outweighed her fears and so she readily agreed.

Leprosy Mission surgeons performed the corrective surgery on her leg. Thanks to you!

Now she earns a good salary every month, adding to her confidence and self-reliance.

Along with her job, she is pursuing her master’s degree. So now her evenings are full of activity!

She also tutors children from disadvantaged backgrounds to create opportunities for them to realise their dreams.

Today, a busy Mamta literally stands on her own feet, smilingly attending to her clients.

Give thanks for Mamta’s life and the impact she’s making. Thank you for your support.

To help people affected by leprosy and disability in India, like Mamta, please donate by calling 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or by donating online.

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