The Kothara and Salur Community Hospitals


These hospitals provide much needed medical care to people affected by leprosy including Multi-Drug Therapy, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and ulcer care. They also provide general medical services to local communities. Your support has enabled these hospitals to treat 51,000 people for leprosy and general health conditions over the last year.

In the last year, the hospitals saw:

• 134 people received reconstructive surgery for leprosy impairments across both hospitals.

• 232 new cases of leprosy diagnosed.

• 325 appropriate footwear, orthotic aids and prostheses provided to people affected by leprosy to improve mobility and function across both hospitals.

• 4,143 people affected by leprosy received physiotherapy services in the Philadelphia Leprosy Hospital Salur.

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The Leprosy Mission in India

India is a diverse and intriguing country with a population of over 1.2 billion. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, yet, ironically, still contains the largest concentration of poor people, with a rate of malnutrition among children almost five times more than that of China, and twice that of Sub-Saharan Africa.

India has about 70% of all leprosy patients worldwide. The Leprosy Mission’s work started in India in 1874, and it remains a key area for The Leprosy Mission, with over 50% of resources being channelled there. In recent years, The Leprosy Mission has become more holistic in its approach to care for people affected by leprosy. This includes not only healthcare, but education, rehabilitation and vocational training.

The Leprosy Mission runs 14 hospitals in India, which provide general medical services, as well as specialist leprosy care and referral services.

The Leprosy Mission Australia partners with The Leprosy Mission Trust India in its work.

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