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The SEED (Supporting Empowerment through Education Development) Program aims to support 100 students (from primary and secondary school) with scholarships to contribute to school fees, uniforms and supplies. Students are either directly affected or the dependents of people affected by leprosy or disability. The Education Program team also provides counselling sessions to parents and students in order to encourage girls to stay in school and receive an education.


The children who receive scholarships come from 13 districts in the province of Bagmati.


Children or people affected by leprosy are excluded from career development and normal community participation because of a lack of education or personal, social and economic issues that arise from stigmatising attitudes and marginalisation. Those most affected lack the knowledge and abilities needed to find a way out of their situation.

Although education is free in Government schools, parents affected by leprosy or with physical disabilities do not always have the financial means to meet other education associated costs such as school fees, uniforms and supplies. The effects of leprosy can limit children from the ability to access education due to costs and stigma.  This kind of scholarship encourages them to pursue their dreams and have a more secure future.

What are we doing?

This program provides scholarship support to children living in poverty as a result of disease or disability to secure a better life and hopeful future. The support is equivalent to approximately AU$120 per student which contributes to school fees, uniforms and supplies. Without this scholarship support, many of these students would be unable to access an education.

Children are provided with support based on recommendations provided by Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Cooperative members, local government and schools where students are studying

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