What is leprosy?

Further Support For People Affected By Leprosy

Education and vocational training

The stigma of leprosy can exclude people from getting or keeping a job. Other people affected by leprosy need new training to work safely with their impairments or to work in another profession. This training can take six months to two years, depending on the skills required.

Health workers regularly visit schools to conduct leprosy surveys. Working with village leaders, teachers and headmasters, these workers identify and support children who have discontinued their schooling due to financial constraints or stigma.

Community Development

In communities affected by leprosy and disability, The Leprosy Mission brings together interested people to develop ways they can improve their situation. Working this way brings about sustainable responses to problems they face, in a way that respects the different perspectives, experiences and needs of the community.

The Leprosy Mission provides some financial support so that micro-loans can be made to members of the group to build local economies. These loans are normally used to either establish a small business, or to provide some capital to modestly expand a business. For example, a participant might establish a vegetable garden, and then sell off the excess produce for additional income, or they might establish a small shop and use the money to stock it with products. These loans are paid back and then the money is ‘recycled’ to another member of the group. Other initiatives include the building of accessible toilets and safe water-points.

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