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every 2 minutes one person is diagnosed with leprosy

You can Cure One today

For Nutan, Cure One was her only hope.

Nutan’s story represents every person being helped by Cure One supporters like you.

Before people like you and The Leprosy Mission found Nutan in India, her parents spent what little they had trying to help her. Her father was forced to bond their tiny plot of land to pay doctor’s fees. He even sold the animals that provided their income.

Leprosy ruined them all and Nutan’s condition got worse. Her hand became clawed, she lost her big toe and her foot became horribly ulcerated. Her school turned her away. Her community believed leprosy was a spiritual curse.

Weak from so much infection, struggling to walk and unable to grasp things properly, daily life and simple family tasks were just so difficult.

Cure One was her only hope. Nutan’s story represents every person being helped by Cure One supporters like you.

As a Cure One supporter, you will set someone like Nutan free from leprosy. You will provide an effective cure, expert care and vital restoration.

Cure Nutan


You provide the medicine and support that eradicates this ancient and still-feared disease of leprosy.

If only Nutan had been given a course of tablets like these when she first contracted leprosy. Sadly, she did not receive the right amount of medicine from local doctors to cure her initially.

When you Cure One, they will receive medical expertise, life-saving multi-drug therapy, support throughout their course of treatment and be completely cured through The Leprosy Mission with your help.

Care for Nutan

Care for

Your gifts will treat leprosy’s physical damage.

In Nutan’s case, to regain the use of her hand, reconstructive surgery and intensive physiotherapy before and after the operation were required.

Major surgery like this is far beyond the reach of poor families and communities.

Support from people like you is their only hope. Some may need a prosthetic or assistive device if they have lost toes, fingers or a limb.

Restore Nutan


Restoring lives is vital, because of the fear, rejection and stigma that still surrounds the ancient grief of leprosy.

In Nutan’s case, this means getting her back into school and helping her financially-ruined parents earn a better income. Without help they would never be able to relieve their desperate poverty and repay the bond on their land.

As a Cure One supporter, you will be giving someone back what leprosy has taken away and give them hope for a better future through school or income earning opportunities.

When you join the Cure One Community, you will experience the joy of walking with Nutan on her journey towards freedom from leprosy. You will receive progress updates throughout the year of your support.

It costs just under $1.20 a day for a year to set someone like Nutan completely free from leprosy.

Yes, I want to start Curing One like Nutan today!

And receive Cure One progress updates.


I want to make a $36 payment once a month for the next 12 months

Cure One like Nutan in a year $36 monthly donation

I want to make a $432 up-front payment for the 12 month program

Cure One like Nutan $432 upfront donation

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Donation Amount: $0.00 Questions Are donations $2 or more tax deductible? Yes! Can I donate under $10 online? Due to increased security measures donations under $10 are not available online. But please contact us via phone TOLL FREE on 1800 537 767 (1800 LEPROSY) or +61 3 97890 0577 and we can process your donation Can I donate from outside Australia? Due to increased security measures we can only accept donations from Australian and New Zealand credit cards online. Please contact us via phone TOLL FREE on 1800 537 767 (1800 LEPROSY) or +61 3 97890 0577 and we can process your donation.

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We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex. However, due to increased security measures we currently cannot accept payments under $10, nor payments made from cards other than Australian and New Zealand credit cards online. If you would like to make a donation $9 or under please call us TOLL FREE within Australia on 1800 537 767 or if you would like to donate from outside Australia, please call us on +61 3 9890 0577 and we can process your donation over the phone. Thank you for your understanding.

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