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Meet our team!

The Leprosy Mission Australia team has more than 25 staff working together to defeat leprosy and transform lives.

Supa Thejan

Role: Social Enterprise Manager

Started at The Leprosy Mission Australia:  2015

What is the best thing about working with The Leprosy Mission Australia?

Just like Jesus, we continue to change the lives of people with leprosy or disability or marginalised through every single action we take at our work. We not only provide artisans with a dignified income but also we help cure, restore and care for people affected by leprosy disability and make a positive impact on the environment through our fundraising activities.

How has your career grown since joining the The Leprosy Mission Australia?

I joined the The Leprosy Mission Australia family as a fresh graduate with no experience in the sector. The Leprosy Mission has provided me with all the training and career development programs in order for me to excel within my role.

How does The Leprosy Mission Australia mission drive you?

My goal is to be efficient and productive in my work so that we can deliver the best outcome for people in need so they can be included in society and have all the assistance they require.

Who would be best suited to working at The Leprosy Mission Australia?

A person who wants to help marginalised people in hidden communities, a person who wants to change this world to a better place not only for all human beings but also for other species.

What is the one thing in life that you can’t live without?


What’s your favourite food?

Fried Rice

What is your favourite hobby/activity?