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The Vadathorasalur, Vocational Training Centre (VTC) provides free quality, co-ed technical education to people in Tamil Nadu aged between 16-40 years, affected by leprosy, disability and those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Tamil Nadu in southern India is one of the most industrialised states, with a large number of manufacturing companies. The VTC regularly monitors the employment market and offers courses in trades that are in demand. This maximizes the chances of employment for graduates.

The VTC currently offers courses in tailoring, air-conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and automobile mechanics. During their training, students are also educated on disability rights, positive engagement and fair labour conditions. This training is valuable for students when seeking employment after graduation.

Additionally short courses are offered offsite through a mobile education service where women are able to attend education in their own villages.

After completing a course, over 90% of graduates are able to obtain employment.

In addition, the VTC works with businesses in the community to train them on disability inclusion and fair labour conditions. This increases the job opportunities for individuals with leprosy and disability and creates more inclusive communities.

In the past year, the VTC supported 374 students through their centre and mobile education. 

Currently, the VTC is establishing production units where products are made on site and sold to bring in an income for the VTC.  This will not only increase their financial independence, but allow opportunities for on the job training for students.

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