Join us to help free people affected by leprosy from the devastation of disability, poverty, isolation and rejection.

World Leprosy Sunday 2018

At ten years of age, Amar’s life turned upside down. He was suffering the affects of leprosy with visible symptoms showing on his body. His condition worsened day by day. Amar suffered: “No one was willing to come near me; no one would extend a hand to hold me. Not even my own people, my own community and my own neighbourhood. Eyes stared from a distance, and kept me at bay as though I was an outcast in the midst of my own people”.

Amar wept bitterly! As a child, the pain of being deprived of a mother’s touch was next to death. He was not allowed to be with his family. Amar was told he was doomed for life!

But due to the stigma, Amar endured ongoing rejection from the people around him. He was excluded from school. Excluded from parties. And when he was older, his wife found out he once had leprosy and he was forced to divorce her against his will.

In 2015 at Anandaban he wanted to know more about Jesus. His pastor reached out and invited him to church. As a result Amar accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour and was baptised. He is now a school principal and global advocate talking with the Nepali Government to ensure people affected by leprosy are given rights. Amar, once rejected by society, is now highly respected in Nepal and internationally.

Amar visited Australia for World Leprosy Sunday recently and travelled up and down the country meeting and speaking to groups and churches.

Some trip highlights:

Amar was interviewed by Crosslight. Read his interview here

Amar was interviewed by Eternity. Read the post here

Amar was also on 96.3FM. Listen here

Amar also spoke at Deep Creek Anglican Church.  You can listen to his sermon here

World Leprosy Day join the conversation World Leprosy Day overturning the stigma of leprosy


You and your church or group can help stop others from suffering like Amar and overturn the stigma of leprosy.

Join many churches and groups across the country and hold your World Leprosy Sunday between 1 January and 30 April 2018 to help overturn the stigma. Register your interest to order the resources you need to make your day a success!

We’ll phone you to talk through your specific requirements and send your hard copy resources.

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