Vision and Mission

The Leprosy Mission was founded in 1874 by Wellesley and Alice Bailey, and their friends the Pim sisters to provide holistic support to people affected by leprosy. After more than 140 years, The Leprosy Mission is still committed to this central work. It is the largest and oldest leprosy-focussed organisation in the world.

You can download our Welcome brochure or learn more about our work by seeing Leprosy and Your Impact 

The Leprosy Mission Australia is part of a global fellowship of Leprosy Mission organisations worldwide. You can read our Global Strategy for 2019-2023 here.

Our Vision

Leprosy defeated, lives transformed.

Our Mission

Following Jesus Christ, The Leprosy Mission seeks to bring about transformation; breaking the chains of leprosy, empowering people to attain healing, dignity and life in all its fullness.

Our Values

Because we follow Jesus Christ, we value compassion, justice, integrity, inclusion and humility.

Our Logo

The  design represents Jesus and the man with leprosy who knelt at Jesus’ feet asking to be healed – and Jesus healed him (see The Bible – Mark 1:40-42). It deeply expresses the heart’s desire of The Leprosy Mission’s Founder, Wellesley Bailey, who wrote “I felt if ever there was a Christ-like work in this world it was to go among these poor sufferers and bring to them the consolation of the Gospel”.

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