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You’re helping Raj—thank you

09 Mar 2017 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

Raj is a single dad from the historic city of Bhaktapur in Nepal. His wife left him for someone else when his son was just five years old. His son is now in year 11. He’s proud of how well his son is doing in school. Raj paints to earn an income and support his son. Pictured above is Raj with one of his paintings—a thank you card.

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Would you risk a tiger attack for a glass of water?

06 Feb 2017 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

Dhruba went completely blind when he was only 17 years old. He was studying for his year 10 exams when his vision suddenly went dim. He went to hospital where the doctors told him he was irreversibly blind—a diagnosis that specialists in India later confirmed. Dhruba will be blind for the rest of his life. Without sight, Dhruba was unable to complete school. Working has almost been impossible. He relies on his parents to support him, his wife Devaka and his one year old child Suracha. Dhruba and his family also look after their 12 year old niece, Sabita, following her father’s death. Thankfully, your support has given a scholarship to Sabita so she can attend school.

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How your stamps can stamp out leprosy

08 Dec 2016 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

I recently attended a Stamp Fair held at the Burwood Heights Uniting Church in Melbourne. It was a sunny day. The carpark was full. Inside was quite the crowd. Some were in deep conversation with old friends. Others were leaning over albums, peering through thick magnifying glasses at selected findings, amassing piles of stamps that they wanted to buy. A canteen to the side was offering cakes, biscuits, coffee and tea. Community art decorated the walls.

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People with disability need a loo too

14 Nov 2016 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

Great advances in public health have been made because of an improvement to the access, quality and use of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. These three things can be recalled easily with the handy acronym WaSH (Water, Sanitation [and] Hygiene). In 2010 the Millennium Development Goals—the framework for global development—reached its target of supplying 90% of the world with safe drinking water. But there’s still a long way to go for sanitation and hygiene—the target for providing access to sanitation facilities was missed by 700 million people.

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Trek to Defeat Leprosy

14 Nov 2016 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

With stunning Himalayan views, high passes, traditional teahouses, tiny hamlets, prayer flags and hot springs, the Annapurna region is among the best trekking destinations in the world. And as part of the Trek to Defeat Leprosy, you will experience it all.

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Why Gouwo left her job and village

15 Oct 2016 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

This beaming face belongs to Gouwo. She used to be a Nurse Aid and worked at Port Moresby General Hospital when she was younger. She actually met her husband there and they married and had children. Along with her relatives they lived together in a squatter settlement. Gouwo was happy. She used to enjoy her colleagues’ company—they would share food, chat and laugh together.

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