Diyan's just a child...yet no one will go near him

After his mother died, Diyan missed his mother’s hugs.

But people are afraid to go near him… because he had leprosy.

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Imagine you’re just a child…and you just want to hug your mummy.

But she’s died… and nobody else will go near you because you have leprosy.

That’s what the world is like for 7-year-old Diyan from India.

Nobody wants to be near him, let alone embrace him with the warm, loving hugs he so desperately misses from his mother. His father has to go far away to work.

Think what this must do to a child who has leprosy.

Diyan is just 7 years old. But he’s old enough to know he looks different, and that frightens him.

Last year, Diyan burned his hand very badly. But he didn’t cry. He didn’t even feel it. This is terrible news. It signalled that his hands were numb. He had leprosy.

But although he may not feel the physical pain of leprosy…

A child like Diyan DOES feel the heartache of being called names. Of being pushed away. Of being rejected.

With your donation, you’re not just blessing today’s children… you’re creating a world free of leprosy for children in the future.

Diyan misses his mother’s hugs so much. While we can’t replace his mother, we CAN show him God’s love through the doctors and nurses who look after him.

They’re not afraid of Diyan… the nurses bathe his skin patches and treat his clawed fingers.

They speak to him with kindness… instead of calling him horrible names.


Your gift will:

  • Help to break stigma with early detection and hands-on care.
  • Your gift will bring healing and help stop disabilities.
  • Your gift will go towards fighting discrimination and promoting love and acceptance.

Your kindness will show children like Diyan real love…  instead of rejection!

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