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Your personal impact is increased 5 TIMES EVERY MONTH!

You are now able, for the first time ever, to use the 5:1 Grant for people threatened by leprosy in Timor-Leste year-round! Each month you will give 5 TIMES the amount of care that is needed most urgently.

Leprosy is curable!
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Urgent care is needed for people like Celestino. He had bravely endured the suffering of leprosy for 40 years. When patches appeared on his skin, he didn’t know it was leprosy, and so he didn’t receive treatment. By the time he was found, and leprosy diagnosed, it was too late to save his fingers and toes.

These days he cannot lift heavy objects, or even undo the lid on a bottle, yet he has found a way to grow his own vegetables, so he has food to eat. What courage!

Your TLC kindness each month, matched 5:1 by the Australian Government Grant, can help prevent this hurt from happening to so many others.


Timor-Leste is one of Australia’s closest neighbours – the distance from capital Dili to Darwin is only 721 kilometres!


Screening community wide to end transmission.

Training in self-care to prevent impairment and disability. 

Awareness-raising to end discrimination against leprosy. 

National ownership of leprosy-care by the government.  

Doctors trained and equipped to detect leprosy early.

The Leprosy Mission Timor-Leste has been fighting the spread of leprosy in the country for more than 20 years, aiming to achieve zero transmission, zero disability and zero discrimination by 2035.


Why should I give a regular gift?

There are 3 good reasons why a regular gift is the best way of helping

First, of course, with TLC 5:1 your personal impact is increased 5 TIMES! Your precious gifts will be matched 5:1 every month throughout the year to the full value of the Grant.

When times are challenging, as they are now in Australia, a regular gift allows you to spread out your donation, making it easier to afford.

Giving a regular gift helps The Leprosy Mission cut costs because we can plan ahead with confidence, and therefore increase efficiency

Our promise to you

  • Your monthly donation is fully matched 5:1 by a Grant to The Leprosy Mission Australia from the Australian Government to the full amount of the grant.
  • You are free to choose whatever monthly gift you wish to help people threatened by leprosy
  • Your help is always directed where you are needed most urgently.
  • Your donations are fully tax-deductible, and you recieve an Annual Donation Statement to make claiming your benefit easy.
  • You receive a report on the impact you make with your kindness every six months.
  • You are welcomed with a special TLC — Total Loving Cure — Member Pack.


These projects are supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). Thanks to you and ANCP, the projects are able to improve the well-being of people affected by leprosy, other Neglected Tropical Diseases, and Disability.’ *The Leprosy Mission Australia has committed to raise $1 for each $5 of the Grant. This means the impact of your donations are MULTIPLIED 5 TIMES until the grant becomes fully subscribed.

Total Loving Cure Monthly Giving Terms & Conditions

Please note: Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Due to added security measures, donations below $10 can no longer be processed online. To make a regular monthly gift of $9 or less, please call us on 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767).

If the area of need becomes fully funded, your gifts will go where most needed.

Should your personal circumstances change in the future, and you wish to adjust your donations, we have flexible options to help you continue your support in a way that suits you.

To cancel or for all inquiries related to Direct Debit and Credit Card arrangements, please call our friendly Sponsorship team on 1800 537 767 or email