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Update 5: Flood-affected girls without a suitable toilet

Update 5: Flood-affected girls without a suitable toilet

20 Sep 2017 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

These three sisters live in the flood-affected district of Chitwan in Nepal. Every year the rivers swells over the banks and enters the fields. But this year, was different. It "was like a dam had burst and the water would not stop", they said. The flood continued for three days straight. The girls were moved to a temporary camp but they've been there for weeks. Food has been distributed so there is enough to eat. But they want to return home.

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Update 4: Your flood relief is on the ground

12 Sep 2017 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

Six districts in Nepal’s south are facing massive shortages of shelter, food and clean water. Your support has assisted hundreds of people affected by the landslides and floods in Nepal. You’ve helped provide the relief of essential supplies, medical treatment and counselling—thank you!

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Update 3: More flooding

04 Sep 2017 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

More is a small satellite village in the Parsa district. Every day its people would make their way across the Bhograha stream. They would shop in Nichuta village where they purchased basic household supplies.

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Update 1: People affected by leprosy left homeless by recent flash floods and landslides

16 Aug 2017 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

Severe flash floods and landslides have swept across the southern plains of Nepal. Triggered by monsoonal rainfall this month, the disaster has killed more than 100 people. Many others are still missing. The Nepali government estimates that 60,000 homes are underwater. Among those affected are members of cooperatives that you help support through the PACED CHAMP project. 400 Cooperative members in Rautahat and 300 members in Chitwan have lost their houses.

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