Safe Water Saves Lives

Clean and sufficient water is a fundamental human right. But over 844 million people (1 in 9 people) don’t have access to safe water. 

Across the world women and children spend 258 million hours finding and collecting water. Samjahna was just like these women.

She and her mother used to walk a long way to a shared water source to collect safe water. And because Samjahna has a neurological disability which means she can’t straighten the fingers on her right hand, others at the pump didn’t want her to use it and made it difficult for her.

Samjahna said, “It’s far away from the house, and I had to carry the water pot. We had to wait for a turn, and tolerate bad language. It was very painful.”



But thanks to the generosity of people like you, they were able to receive a water pump through a Leprosy Mission project.



You can help people just like Samjahna!


Safe Water Saves Lives!

Many people, like Samjahna, have limited or no access to safe water. They may have to travel for hours every day, or face dangerous terrain, animals or abuse from others.

When you buy a Water for Lives bottle, 100% of the profits will go towards safe water projects in Nepal and Nigeria. It’s also a great way to spread awareness and start a conversation about this serious issue.

Buy a Water for Lives bottle


Give a Gift of Love!

A connected water pump and drainage system in a remote village is an amazing Gift of Love! The whole community will be healthier, and therefore less vulnerable to diseases like leprosy.

It also means that women and children don’t have to spend their precious time collecting water – meaning they have time to work, study, and be with friends and family.

Give the Gift of a Water Pump

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