Just $15 can buy a pair of shoes...

What a wonderful gift this Christmas!

With each pair of shoes you help provide, you’ll bless someone like Dhanalakshmi. For her, shoes mean she can continue working… instead of losing her livelihood due to festering ulcers. Your gift of protective shoes is transforming the life of someone disabled by the effects of leprosy.

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Bless someone with protective shoes this Christmas! Donate today.

What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Just $15 provides a pair of protective shoes for someone whose feet have been permanently disabled by the devastating effects of leprosy. 

Dhanalakshmi was diagnosed with leprosy at the age of 12. She started losing sensation in her foot, but was lucky enough to receive treatment including surgery.

She was lucky enough to receive treatment. She is grateful that leprosy didn’t affect her chances of getting married.

“My husband’s Christian faith is what brought us together – he was accepting of me.”

But the ulcers just kept coming back and not healing… Dhanalakshmi’s husband encouraged her to visit The Leprosy Mission Hospital in Salur, India. After treatment, her ulcer healed.

But recently the ulcer returned. This makes it hard to walk. To keep working. Even to do simple household tasks. And to speak out about the goodness of Christ… which Dhanalakshmi loves to do.

That’s why shoes are so important for someone like her. She needs them to relieve pressure on the areas of her feet where ulcers are likely to occur.

Protective shoes can save Dhanalakshmi’s feet from cuts, sores, infections and ulcers.

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How your gift helps.

Every $15 you give for a pair of shoes will:

  • Prevent new cuts, sores and infections on nerve-damaged feet
  • Help protect damaged feet and minimise limping with corrective insoles
  • Ease the pressure on ulcerated, nerve-damaged, fragile skin
  • Restore mobility so men, women and children disabled by leprosy can walk, work and take better care of themselves

Your gift of compassion brings healing, hope and dignity to someone who has leprosy.


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