Implemented by Nepal Leprosy Fellowship (NLF) the ‘Releasing the Energy and Capabilities of Leprosy-Affected and Marginalised People’ Phase 2 (RECLAIM 2) works in the ethnically diverse districts of Morang, Sunsari and Jhapa in Eastern Nepal.  The project supports 10 Self Help Groups for people with leprosy, disability and their families to live discrimination free lives.

RECLAIM also provides support to health posts in order to ensure that leprosy patients continue to receive appropriate wound care, management of complex issues and appropriate medication.

RECLAIM’s work in the region has attracted positive attention from the Nepalese government health department.  The project staff were asked to provide their expertise to help update the Ministry’s data on leprosy case numbers in all municipalities in Jhapa and provide training to health workers to increase their knowledge of leprosy identification, recording and treatment.

RECLAIM’s work in Jhapa has resulted in the correction of previously under reported leprosy case numbers in the district.  Although the high case numbers is concerning, their work has highlighted that leprosy is still a significant threat in the region and that continued work to defeat leprosy is still essential.  The project continues to work with the Ministry of Health in Jhapa to ensure that future recorded case numbers remain accurate and that health posts have adequate knowledge to support patients with leprosy.

Leprosy is curable!
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Project Outcome: people affected by leprosy get the care they require

Fulmani was diagnosed with leprosy nine years ago but stopped treatment when she lost her prescription and access to Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT). She was afraid to seek treatment because she didn’t hold Nepali citizenship. In the absence of treatment, Fulmani’s feet formed large wounds that wouldn’t heal, and she could barely walk as a result.

Nepal Leprosy Fellowship (NLF) found Fulmani and helped her get her citizenship and a disability card, so she could again access treatment. When it became clear that her wounds were too severe to manage, NLF helped Fulmani get to Anandaban Hospital, where her foot was successfully amputated. Once she is fully recovered from the operation, NLF will fit Fulmani with a prosthetic leg.

RECLAIM Eastern Development Region Project in Nepal is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) Thanks to ANCP, this project is able to help improve the well-being of people affected by leprosy, other neglected tropical diseases and disability in Nepal.