The mobile therapy unit has been created in a converted ambulance, and is staffed by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, orthotic and prosthetic technician, and a community worker.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, the unit introduced telehealth services to ensure that people in rural and region areas can still receive rehabilitation support from hospital staff without needing to travel to the hospital.The mobile unit's continued work with vulnerable patients during the COVID-19 pandemic was noticed by the Indian government who commended their work. 

The mobile therapy unit has also introduced customised 3D printing for assistive devices such as finger prosthesis, orthotics, splints and foot prosthesis.  Patients could have their feet or hands scanned in the mobile van parked in front of their homes and the scans are then sent to the workshop to be made.  As this is relatively new technology for the team, they continue to hone their knowledge and skills in this area.

Since the start of the mobile therapy unit, they have provided assessment and therapeutic care as needed to over 740 people with leprosy and other disabilities.  The team has also provided over 400 assistive devices including custom footwear, crutches and prosthetic limbs to patients in need.

The mobile therapy unit is a highly successful service in reaching those who have difficulty travelling in a health clinic or hospital.  Through this unit, the project has been able to reach more people in need.

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