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Mobile Vans in this project are proudly supported by The Leprosy Mission Australia Ambassadors Maria and Joe Bast from Victoria.

The unit provides self-care, rehabilitation services and community education to rural, remote villages in Cuddalore and Vilupuram districts in Tamil Nadu. Without these services, patients would have to travel hours, sometimes days, to reach their nearest hospital to access these services. The van also allows patients to connect with specialists in a hospital many hours/days away via telehealth.

The mobile unit provides the following services:

- Skin screening camps

- Leprosy screening and follow up

- Disability assessments

- Eye care

- Self-care treatment

- Self-care group training

- Therapy services for children with disabilities

- Customised prosthetics and assistive devices

- Training to local health workers on leprosy awareness

- Telehealth appointments with hospital specialists

The mobile therapy unit is now currently using 3D scanning technology.  The scans of patients’ feet are sent to the Leprosy Mission workshop to be made into custom-built shoes that protect them from further disability. This allows patients to receive custom-made shoes without having to leave their village. In addition, 3D printing of finger prosthetics, hand and feet have also begun.

Since the start of the mobile therapy unit, they have provided services to over 100 people with leprosy and other disabilities. The team has also provided over 500 assistive devices including custom footwear, crutches and prosthetics limbs to patients in need.

The mobile therapy unit is highly successful in reaching those who have difficulty travelling to a health clinic or hospital. Through this unit, the project has been able to reach more people in need.

Recently, the team established early intervention rehabilitation clinics in rural villages for children with disabilities.  These clinics are run by mothers who are taught by the team to administer therapy exercises to support the rehabilitation of children attending the clinic.  The mobile van allows the team to regularly visit to monitor progress and provide additional support or resources as needed.

The mobile therapy unit is part of the Inclusive Empowerment Project. Please see this project for more information.

Part of the mobile therapy unit component is funded through donations raised by Joe and Maria Bast.

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