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The Inclusive Empowerment project merges the advocacy and disability management activities of the PARTI (Partnerships, Advocacy, Research and Training towards Inclusion) project with the livelihoods work of SOAR project SOAR (a sister project supported by The Leprosy Mission England & Wales) and the development of civil society organisations through the CREATE project. The desired result is a comprehensive model of inclusive development and rehabilitation for people affected by leprosy and disability.

The PARTI project ended in December 2018, having focused on assisting people with disabilities to claim their rights with regards to employment, education, healthcare, government entitlements, and community participation. Engaging with people with disabilities at a village level, the PARTI project raised up ‘leprosy and disability champions’ to advocate for their rights and be an example to others.

PARTI’s achievements last year include:
• 650 households screened for leprosy
• 16 new cases of leprosy diagnosed, including seven children
• 472 people received disability management services and training in self-care
• 3,050 people reached with activities advocating for disability rights

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Social Return on Investment

Last year, 2,219 students received training on safe and inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices, at a cost of $0.38 per student.

Project Outcome: Building of Self- Esteem and the making of Disability Champions

The PARTI project helped to build the self-esteem and advocacy skills of people affected by leprosy and disability in Tamil Nadu and has raised up Disability Champions.

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