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People with leprosy require support in various aspects in order to attain overall improved quality of life.  The Inclusive Empowerment project works in Cuddalore and Vilupuram Districts, Tamil Nadu, supporting disability management to livelihoods.

Disability management

Through the services of a converted ambulance that provides mobile therapy, rehabilitation and specialist consultation services, patients living in rural and remote areas can access leprosy and disability services with travelling for hours or even days to their nearest hospital for these services.  Additionally, the mobile van provides community and health worker education on leprosy.  Continuous learning and improvements are made to the van to offer improved quality and increase patient centred care.  Recently telehealth services were introduced for patients to access specialist appointments without having to travel long distances.  The staff are also exploring 3D scanning and printing technology to increase efficiency and customization of produced assistive devices such as protective shoes and cosmetic fingers.


Once cured of leprosy, physical disability and stigma can continue to negatively impact the job prospects of people with leprosy.  The project supports people affected by leprosy and disability to form producer group businesses where they are stakeholders, contributing to the decision-making and income generation of the businesses.  The project teaches the groups about financial management, business management, market value and group structure in order to increase sustainability and help group members to take ownership of the groups.  8 producer groups in camphor making and candle making, consisting of approximately 500 members have been established.

Leprosy is curable!
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