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Nepal Self Care Unit

Located on the grounds of Anandaban Hospital (a hospital specialising in leprosy) in Kathmandu, the Self Care Unit (SCU) provides self-care education to people affected by leprosy.

People with leprosy often lose sensation in their hands and feet. When there is decreased sensations, wounds and injuries can occur without the person realising. Without pain to let people know the condition of their injuries, wounds and ulcers can become severe and infected. If they are not treated carefully, it can result in limb amputation.  Therefore, it is highly important for people with leprosy to learn how to prevent injury and care for their wounds.

The SCU provides residential self-care training where patients live at the unit for approximately 2 weeks at a time to learn skills in caring for existing ulcers and skills to prevent further injury.  These skills are then practiced in practical daily activities to support patients to learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical every day activities and specific occupational tasks.

This allows them to return home equipped with skills to continue their normal activities and occupations without causing further injury or disability.

Patients are also provided with counselling sessions to learn strategies to support their mental health.

This year, the Self Care Unit will be rebuilt to rectify structural damage caused during the 2015 earthquakes.  The new structure will have increased disability accessibility and modernisation of rooms and facilities.

Leprosy is curable!
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