The Partnerships, Advocacy, Research and Training towards Inclusion (PARTI) Project


The aim of this project is to empower people with disabilities in India to be able to claim their rights in terms of employment, education, health care and community participation.

This project started in January 2014, building on lessons learned in the Disability Rights Project (previously supported by The Leprosy Mission Australia). Some of the projects achievements in the last year include:

• 220 health care workers trained in the detection and treatment of leprosy.

• 539 people with disabilities were facilitated to access government assistance.

• 382 people participated in disability rights and advocacy training.

The project works at a village level to establish groups of people with disabilities and then assists these groups in advocating for their rights.

In this way, the project has benefitted 3,638 people with disabilities in targeted communities.

The project has also worked to establish two Disability Information Centres – so that people with disabilities are able to seek advice about their rights and the services available to them.


 Muthu Krishnan’s story is on page 19 of the Annual Report.

The Leprosy Mission in India

India is a diverse and intriguing country with a population of over 1.2 billion. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, yet, ironically, still contains the largest concentration of poor people, with a rate of malnutrition among children almost five times more than that of China, and twice that of Sub-Saharan Africa.

India has about 70% of all leprosy patients worldwide. The Leprosy Mission’s work started in India in 1874, and it remains a key area for The Leprosy Mission, with over 50% of resources being channelled there. In recent years, The Leprosy Mission has become more holistic in its approach to care for people affected by leprosy. This includes not only healthcare, but education, rehabilitation and vocational training.

The Leprosy Mission runs 14 hospitals in India, which provide general medical services, as well as specialist leprosy care and referral services.

The Leprosy Mission Australia partners with The Leprosy Mission Trust India in its work.

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