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The McKean Hospital Based Rehabilitation Project


This specific project, begun in July 2017, continues to provide healthcare and disability services to marginalised and disadvantaged people in Thailand.  This strengthens health services in the northern and western border-regions. Your support also provides assistive devices and vocational training to people affected by leprosy and/or disability.

In the previous financial year, the McKean projects had the following successes:

  • 32 new leprosy patients identified and provided with Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT).
  • 419 medical workers trained in leprosy diagnosis and management.
  • 264 people with disabilities received assistive devices, giving them greater physical independence.
  • 54 people affected by leprosy and/or disability participated in sustainable livelihood training.

The Leprosy Mission in Thailand

The Leprosy Mission's involvement in the country goes back to 1911, when it was still called Siam. The Mission helped fund housing for homeless patients on a river island donated by the ruler of Chiang Mai.

It is now the flourishing McKean Rehabilitation Centre. Owned and run by the Thai church. McKean is The Leprosy Mission's partner organisation in Thailand.

McKean cares for and integrates patients with leprosy and disabilities and age-related problems. It is recognised as the centre providing leprosy expertise in north Thailand, and also provides residential treatment and rehabilitation for marginalised or displaced disabled persons, along with training in activities to promote sustainable livelihoods.

McKean has also, in recent years, been pioneering the development of multi-tiered aged care for the broad spectrum of elderly folk in the region.

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