Your urgent action now offers new life!

No child should suffer leprosy.

No child should suffer leprosy.

Your urgent action now offers new life!

Sometimes the suffering is just too much.

What Satendra did to try to escape the suffering of leprosy is heartbreaking…

Satendra was a boy. Just a boy.

Before help came from compassionate people like you through The Leprosy Mission, he could find no reason to live. He took poison to try to stop his suffering. Poison!


That’s why I’m calling on you now to help stop the suffering of a child with leprosy.


Your urgent donation can help heal the leprosy… and offer a child the chance to build a new life.

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You will help a child like Satendra.

Satendra’s suffering started when he was only two.

His mum died, and his dad was left to struggle on alone to raise the little boy, working hard to overcome the poverty of their remote village in Nepal.

When Satendra started getting blotches on the skin of his hands and feet, local doctors thought it a mild allergy.

When his fingers and toes started losing feeling, the doctors thought it dirty water.

When the blotches became blisters, and wounds opened up and wept pus, and Satendra cried out in agony, the doctors did not know what to think, or do.

But you do!

You know your donation through The Leprosy Mission can kick-start the MDT (Multi-Drug Therapy) that can heal a child of leprosy in just one year.

Your action now can prevent another child from suffering what Satendra did.

He had to give up school because he could no longer hold a pen. People began to joke about him, tease him because of his appearance, reject him because he looked different from them.

That’s when Satendra slipped into despair. Hid from his family. Took poison. Tried to die to stop his suffering.

Just a boy.

Your gift – whether it is that $36 … $216 … or even $432 to provide a child with a full one year of care to completely heal their leprosy — will go to work as part of a 3 Step Action Plan.

Step 1:
You find children left behind in their suffering from leprosy. They may be too poor, too far away, too scared. Tragically, they have been overlooked. You find them.

Step 2:
You provide MDT (Multi-Drug Therapy) to begin healing the leprosy … stopping them being infectious within 48 hours.

Step 3:
You support physical recovery – crutches if needed … physio … ongoing medical care to treat wounds … counselling to recover from the trauma leprosy can cause.

Donate whatever your heart leads you to.

Thanks to the compassionate heart of people like you, Satendra’s story has a happy ending that is the answer to prayer.

Satendra’s sister-in-law (who he calls mum) found him before the poison could take his life. Satendra was taken to a hospital in Kathmandu, supported by The Leprosy Mission, where his leprosy was diagnosed.

Now, Satendra is on the road to recovery.

When he thinks about the care and kindness he has received from people like you through The Leprosy Mission, he says:

“I wish to thank everyone who has helped me. I am thinking that now I have a new life!”

Please ask yourself if Jesus is calling you to help heal a child of leprosy this Christmas.

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