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Supporting the work of Natalie Smith in PNG

You can also support the ongoing work of Natalie Smith in Papua New Guinea by becoming a regular giver.


“Thousands of people in slum-like communities. People squatting, renting or packing in with relatives. Make-shift and flimsy housing.  High stress levels. Chronic overcrowding.  Conflict among tribes. A constant struggle for food and money. Limited clean water and electricity.


Put it all together and what do you get?  An environment ripe for poverty and leprosy to thrive.


That’s why, with your generous support, and together with The Leprosy Mission New Zealand we’ve launched the new SLD (Sustainable Livelihood Development) project in Papua New Guinea.”

– Natalie Smith, Country Leader of The Leprosy Mission Papua New Guinea.

You can also support the new project in PNG by praying for:

  • Connections with key people who can help lead projects in their communities
  • To find leprosy-affected people who would benefit from new livelihood opportunities
  • The health and safety of The Leprosy Mission Papua New Guinea team

Together we can defeat leprosy and transform lives.

Leprosy is curable!
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