What is leprosy?

Triple Zero Leprosy Strategy

zero leprosy

Over 16 million leprosy cases have been cured over the last 20 years! But leprosy is still prevalent in many countries…we want to see Zero Leprosy Transmission, Disability and Discrimination.

When you help Cure One today, you play a key part in moving towards Zero Leprosy Transmission, Disability and Discrimination.

Towards Zero Leprosy Transmission by 2035… when you help Cure

Every 2 minutes, another case of leprosy diagnosed. Around 30% of these cases are children. You’ll help prevent transmission through early diagnosis and treatment of leprosy in countries where the disease is endemic.

Towards Zero Leprosy Disability… when you help Care

If leprosy is treated early enough, nobody should suffer disability from the disease. You can help prevent nerve damage, loss of hands and feet, and loss of  independence due to leprosy.

Zero Leprosy Discrimination… when you help Restore

Leprosy is curable! So no child or adult should be excluded from family, community, school or workplace due to the disease. You can help change attitudes and fight discriminatory laws that exclude leprosy-affected people from society.

Take ACTION and Cure One today for Zero Leprosy in the future!

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