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New leprosy cases amongst children is an indicator that there is active transmission of leprosy in a community. In Jhapa, the number of new child cases is significantly higher than the national average.

The Jhapa Leprosy Reduction project aims to decrease the proportion of leprosy case numbers in children under 18 years to less than 10% in 6 municipalities.

Maintaining a close partnership with the Ministry of Health, the project will roll out a leprosy screening package in schools, in collaboration with local health workers. The package includes screening of students, education on leprosy to teachers, parents and school nurses, and comprehensive contact tracing of students diagnosed with leprosy.

The screening of school students not only identifies leprosy cases, but also detects other skin conditions, vision impairments or defects that were previously missed, thus having a multiplying effective of improving the general health of students.

To complement screening in schools, communities identified to be endemic for leprosy are targeted through door to door screening events which has contributed to the identification of many hidden leprosy cases.

In addition, previously recorded leprosy cases not followed up at the time of diagnosis, are contacted to conduct comprehensive contact tracing within their communities. This ensures that communities with potential leprosy cases in the area, who may not have links to the schools, will be reached.

The project will also works to strengthen leprosy services within the health posts so that patients can receive appropriate care from skilled health workers.

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Supported by the Australian Government

The Jhapa Leprosy Reduction Project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). Thanks to ANCP, this project is able to help improve the well-being of people affected by leprosy and disability in Nepal.