Santosh got Leprosy at the age of 4... but why wasn’t he treated in time?

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Santosh should have been cured when he was four.

He should be running and jumping. He should be working and earning his living now. He should be looking to his future full of hope.

But Santosh wasn’t diagnosed with leprosy until he was ten years old. By then he’d stopped going to school because of the huge wound on his foot.

The nerve damage was already done, and had both his legs amputated:

“I couldn’t save my leg. Because of the wound, I was suffering for so long…

I am sad I’ve lost my leg. At least with one leg I could still do something, but then that had to be cut too.

I’m now thinking I’ll be entirely dependent on others. I can do nothing.

Now I’m 20. I’ve lost both legs. I despair about my future. I hope nothing else happens, I don’t want to face any more problems.”



santosh wheelchairYour gift is urgently needed.

When we find someone like Santosh and get them the cure, you can make sure they can receive surgery, physiotherapy, counselling and prosthetics so they have every chance to be completely cured and stop leprosy from being passed to their families and communities.

Cases of leprosy are often hidden away due to stigma and fear, and leprosy is left to do its worst.

Your gift will help The Leprosy Mission’s outreach teams go further to reach as many people as possible with the cure and the care they need to be restored.

If we don’t find them quickly and get them the cure in time, more people like Santosh could lose limbs and end up disabled for the rest of their lives.


How will your gift help?

✔ Your gift will go towards prosthetic limbs to give mobility and independence.

Your gift will go towards outreach – finding people affected by leprosy in remote locations.

Your gift can help find and cure someone like Santosh before it’s too late. 

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