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  For Barry and Di Edwards, a Gift in Will is an extension of their lifelong support for leprosy ministry

“As a doctor, I certainly see that caring and helping people with disabilities is a real Christian calling.” – Barry Edwards, leprosy ministry supporter

  For Barry and Di Edwards, supporting leprosy work is part of their life story.

  Like you, they’re passionate about supporting and serving leprosy-affected people. When he first heard of the ministry as a young man, Barry says: “I saw it as a combination of my faith, and I was interested in doing medicine. I brought the two things together. That's when I began to support The Leprosy Mission.” Barry’s old friend from his teenage years, Trevor Smith, is a doctor at The Leprosy Mission’s McKean Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Barry and Di have been frequent visitors there.

  They’ve brought groups not only to see the work but to help with cleaning, painting, building and buying much-needed equipment for the centre.

Photo: DSC00089 Caption: Before COVID, Di and Barry would bring a team to Thailand every year. Together they build, renovate, and paint the facilities at McKean Rehabilitation Centre.

People healed and people of faith

  Barry and Di have seen first-hand the impact of curing, caring for and restoring someone with leprosy. “We’ve seen the people with leprosy and their disabilities. We’ve seen the work of helping them through the treating of the disease with surgery, physiotherapy, and vocational training so they can have self-esteem, go back to their village, and earn an income... it's just so wonderful.

“So many of them are Christians... patients have told us they know of thirty churches in Thailand started by leprosy patients who came to Christian faith in their time at McKean.”

Over the years, the couple have been hands on in giving, praying, promoting, and fundraising for the ministry. They’ve taken their own children (and grandchildren) to visit McKean. When Barry retired and closed his medical practice, his patients donated money to support a whole hospital department overseas. For a recent Father’s Day, his family made a donation to The Leprosy Mission as Barry’s gift. Now leaving a Gift in Will is a natural extension of that support.

A legacy continues their impact

Barry says, “It would be rather strange if we didn't, in our Will, have some of our estate going to continue supporting the work.” Within their family, this Gift in Will commitment is a source of jokes. “If someone misbehaves, I say, ‘Well, The Leprosy Mission gets more money now.’”

A Gift in Will can cure, care for, and restore many lives like young Angali’s. Read her story here: (link to In Jesus name Booklet).

Photos; Thailand, TLMA Thailand 77 of 141, TLMA Thailand 78 of 141, TLMA Thailand 93 of 141, Caption: Your Gift in Will can Cure, Care for and Restore people affected by leprosy. This includes people like these workers at McKean who have learned handcraft skills to make products to sell for a livelihood.

Your legacy means the work of helping leprosy-affected people can continue even after you’re gone!

You can Take Action Today!

Would you like to leave a Gift in Will like Barry and Di Edwards? See how here; (link back to Gift in Will page) Your generous gift will transform lives.

After looking after those closest to you, even 1% can make a huge difference. All you need is to take The Leprosy Mission Australia’s ABN [52 354 004 543] to your solicitor. God Bless you!