No-one should be left abandoned in a goat shed...


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Help find, cure and treat the “missing cases” of leprosy, hidden away – like Nagammal…

She lived in a goat shed. Alone. Discarded. Forgotten…

In India, over 120,000 cases of leprosy are officially recorded. But we know tens of thousands more remain undiagnosed or “missing”.

Because they are not recorded in official statistics, these people miss out on urgently needed leprosy treatment.

Had Nagammal received an early diagnosis and treatment, she would have been cured without developing any disabilities. Instead, she lost her fingers and toes. She couldn’t walk, cook or wash herself. She could only crawl.

After her husband abandoned her due to leprosy, her family refused to take her in. Leaving her to survive as best she could in a goat shed. For 17 years!

Then, in 2015, Tamil Nadu experienced one of the worst floods ever seen in that region. Many people lost their lives.

The flood left Nagammal’s goat shed badly damaged… and that’s where our field workers found her.

At that time, Nagammal had not eaten for four days. She was soaked and shivering. And her ulcers from leprosy had become infected because of the polluted flood waters.

Please give today to help find, cure and treat the “missing cases” hidden away like Nagammal was! And remember, your gift will DOUBLE!

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How your gift helps!

Nagammal’s life changed because of people like you! Here’s how your donation is used to help leprosy-affected people like her.

  1. Detection and diagnosis – your gift goes towards finding and diagnosing people like Nagammal who are “missing” or hidden away because of the stigma of leprosy.
  2. Treatment and cure – your gift goes towards Multi Drug Therapy and the care needed for someone with horrific and infected wounds from leprosy. Nagammal is so grateful she has now been cured!
  3. Mobility aids – your gift goes towards items such as wheelchairs or walking frames. Nagammal can now move around independently although she has lost her hands and toes!
  4. Reconstructive surgery – your gift goes towards operations that restore function to nerve damaged limbs. Now Nagammal’s forearm has been surgically altered so she actually pick up things again… and cook, clean and dress herself!

Nagammal was shocked to see the man from The Leprosy Mission wasn’t afraid of her disease!

“No one would ever touch me – especially not such an educated person. Usually no one comes near me because they are afraid they will catch leprosy from me…”

He touched me, looked at my ulcers and bandaged my wounds.”

In the name of Jesus, we reach out to people like Nagammal. They may be among the missing or hidden cases of leprosy but Jesus knows all their names! He wants them to know they are loved. He wants to heal them and ease their suffering.

Nagammal should not have spent all those years suffering because of leprosy. Please help us find the “missing cases” of leprosy!

Nagammal’s Story from The Leprosy Mission Australia on Vimeo.

Please give today so people like Nagammal don’t have to suffer!
And your gift will DOUBLE until matching funds run out

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