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Cuppa for a Cure

To mark World Leprosy Day we’re asking you to host a Cuppa for a Cure morning or afternoon tea in 2018.

Hosting a Cuppa for a Cure tea party is a great way to have fun, raise awareness of leprosy and raise money for those affected by leprosy and disability.

Morning or afternoon tea, anywhere or anytime. Hold it as part of a special event or celebration, a gathering with your friends at home, at church or in your group. We can provide you with the resources and newsletters you need. Even your tea and coffee.


Host a Cuppa for a Cure and change lives

You and your friends can raise much needed funds to help free people affected by leprosy, like Binta, from the devastation of disability, isolation, poverty and rejection.

Have a Cuppa for a Cure tea party. To register your event and request resources get in touch with Pam Lake, The Leprosy Mission Australia Relationship Manager!


How Cuppa for a Cure works


Set the date Register your event
 You can hold your event at anytime during 2018. Remember to give your guests plenty of notice so that as many as possible will be able to attend. Get in touch to register your event and help make your event a success. You can even buy your tea and coffee from us.


Invite your guests Change lives together
Invite as many people as you and your venue can handle. Don’t forget to send a reminder to your guests as the date approaches. Get together with friends, family or colleagues to raise awareness of leprosy and raise money for people affected by leprosy and disability.


Planning your Cuppa for a Cure tea party

Here’s some great tips to make your tea party a success:

  • Charge an entry fee and pass around a donation box
  • Introduce a ‘Gold Coin’ donation for each cuppa you serve
  • Encourage everyone to bring along a friend or colleague to the event
  • At work, why not introduce a Cuppa Tax where everyone pays $1 or $2 to boil the kettle
  • Gifts of Love – invite your guests to give a Gift of Love from the catalogue and change lives
  • Hold a tea tasting where people can try teas and treats from countries we support — Nigeria, Timor Leste, India, Nepal, Thailand, Papua New Guinea
  • Buy your tea and coffee from The Leprosy Mission Australia and you’ll provide even more support
  • Sell merchandise from our latest Gift Catalogue at your Cuppa for a Cure event
  • You might like to pray with The Leprosy Mission Prayer in the sidebar (top-right).

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