Leaving your bequest

A World Without Leprosy

Any sum of money or even 1% to The Leprosy Mission Australia (ABN 52 354 004 543) means you are helping ensure a leprosy free world.

Since 1913 The Leprosy Mission Australia has been working to make sure no one has to suffer from leprosy. We are independently accredited and you can find our annual reports here.

You have the power to help create a world where no child suffers from a disability caused by leprosy.

You have the ability to shape a world where no wife is left by her husband because he learnt she had leprosy.

You have the opportunity to ensure people are not fired from their workplace because they have leprosy.

We are so thankful to donors for what they have already achieved.

In 1990 there were 5 million people diagnosed with leprosy. Today there are around 200,000 people diagnosed with leprosy each year.

You have helped achieve that. Now we are in reach of our dream, which is also yours, of a leprosy free world.

Where no one suffers discrimination, stigma or disability as the result of this curable disease. In two generations we can make an end to leprosy transmission, and make sure no suffers from disability or stigma as a result. And you can make that possible by making a gift in your will.

Fulfil your vision

You’ve dreamed of a leprosy free world. You have worked to make it possible. Even 1% of your estate will mean you are leaving a legacy of ensuring your dream of a leprosy free world is met.

Of course you’ll want to look after those closest to you first. And by including a gift for people affected by leprosy in your will you’ll also be giving them the gift of remembering you as someone who wanted to see a world which is better for everyone.

Why have a will?

A will is for everyone. Not just for the wealthy. A will ensures that your wishes for your estate and yourself will be carried out. They don’t need to be expensive or complicated but legal advice will ensure your will is clear and effective.

Suggested Wording

The words below are a suggestion only. Your solicitor will provide you the best advice on the wording for a will.

“I give:

  • the residue (or percentage) of my estate; or
  • the sum of $(amount)

The Leprosy Mission Australia of 37-39 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill, Victoria (ABN 52 354 004 543), for its charitable purposes.  I further direct that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer or other proper officer of The Leprosy Mission Australia for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said bequest.”

How your gift can help ensure a leprosy free world

$500 – your gift can provide life-changing reconstructive surgery for one person affected by leprosy.

$1,000 – run 8 screening camps in India ensuring people, especially children, are diagnosed with leprosy early to prevent disability and prevent further transmission.

$5,000 – reconstructive surgery for 10 people affected by leprosy, so that they can use their hands and feet again.

$10,000 – fund active case finding in Indramayu, Indonesia. This will break the cycle of transmission in this district which has a high rate of leprosy.

Let us know

If you’ve included The Leprosy Mission Australia in your will or are considering it, please let us know, so we can thank you properly.

tim and parbatiCan we help?

If you have any questions at all please contact our Engagement Manager, Tim Collison. You can reach him on 1800 537 767 or timc@leprosymission.org.au.

Tim has been with The Leprosy Mission Australia since 2017. He is passionate about seeing a leprosy free world, especially making sure children are not disabled as a result of leprosy. In his spare time he enjoys reading the newspaper over coffee.

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