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Aspiring aeronautical engineer struck down by leprosy

26 Apr 2017 | Author: Melbourne Grammar School

Meet Shuvam, a 14 year old boy who has suffered the effects of leprosy for four years. At age 10, a number of spots appeared on his hands, legs and back. He went to a skin doctor, but was given the wrong medicine and consequently, his condition deteriorated. However, after being alerted about the Anandaban Hospital by one of his friends, he received treatment and was soon cured. After finding out that he had been cured of the disease, Shuvam was overjoyed. He could see the spots disappearing from his skin and this confirmed that he was getting better. His parents were supportive through the entirety of his treatment and the family are incredibly thankful for the work of the The Leprosy Mission Australia.

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Cards with a cause

03 Apr 2017 | Author: Belinda Pettman

Leprosy was the reason for Sangwan’s parents’ divorce and she never again lived with her mother. So when she was nine and began to show signs of leprosy on her arms, her father sent her to live at the McKean children’s hostel and receive treatment.

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