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What is your gift to God this Christmas?

Three gifts. Gold. Frankincense. Myrrh.

The Magi were wise men, priests from the Persian Empire. What were they doing, travelling for weeks to see a baby? Not just to see but to bow down and honour him as king! Each gift to honour God and worship this baby, this new king. Of course this was no ordinary baby, no ordinary king.

Each gift the Magi brought points towards some aspect of Jesus identity. Gold reminds us that he was the true king. Frankincense speaks of his role as High Priest, sent from heaven. Myrrh, used for embalming, reminds us of his humanity and the ultimate sacrifice he will make. Together they speak of Jesus life, the promise of something truly remarkable that was about to change the world!

Three gifts. Zero Transmission. Zero Disability. Zero Discrimination. 

These are the goals of many leprosy and global organisations. For The Leprosy Mission each gift is a powerful reminder that Jesus came to restore all things to himself. Each gift a reminder that we are called to be part of this restoration. Zero Transmission, Disability and Discrimination. Jesus came to break the chains of this mortal life that bring with it pain and suffering; physical, spiritual, and emotional. Jesus touched, healed, and transformed lives both in this life and for the next. Scripture reminds us that there will be no more pain, no more crying, no more injustice, no more separation from God.

This Christmas season don’t just hold on to the promises of Jesus. Be wise like the Magi and live them out! Pray that these gifts we offer will become a reality. Share this vision so that others may join in. Jesus came to bring new life. To bring healing. To restore all creation. We each are called to play our part in this work so that God’s will might be done. Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. Rev 21:1-5

Jesus came to bring new life and show us the way to God.

Your prayers bring the joy and hope of Jesus this Christmas time.